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About the Founder 

Thomas E. Hoffman is the founder of Cap City Gastro Pub. He began working in the hospitality industry over 5 decades ago as a waiter. He worked hard and climbed the career ladder over the years.

Thomas worked as a bar manager or bartender for many years before he decided to establish this local tavern. His passion for creating unique, handcrafted cocktails and the ever-increasing demand for exceptional pubs in Atlanta motivated him to open the business.

He has invested in the best team and recent technology to ensure the pub stays at the forefront in the local industry. Thomas has also invested in the best team for crafting tasty local beers.

Mission and Vision


The mission of Cap City Gastro Pub is to offer the best local tavern services, including food, drinks and cocktails. We seek to meet the needs of our customers each time they walk into our business.


Our vision is to develop, grow and re-invent a world-class venue for all kinds of events to a place where our bartender knows your name and favorite beer, to a place where you can celebrate the big achievements in life.

We also aim at making our pub the go-to place for good times and endless surprises. We bring people together, ranging friends to strangers. We help you meet new friends and develop lasting connections.

We also focus on defining the industry’s tone and inspiring imitations, with expectation of the best practice operations in the next milestone, to continue delivering exceptional experiences.

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